According to video marketing statistics

- 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content - 86% of online video marketers use video content - 81% of people feature their video on their brand's website - Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.


You probably already knew how popular video is and if your not using it in your marketing you probably won't get noticed as much.

Video is probably the trendiest and most popular way to share information and communicate your message effectively, in fact people expect it.

In today's market place people love to watch video and much like a brief commercial, your video could be seen by thousands of people to help increase your brand or product awareness.

The fact that people like to watch videos and prefer them to reading text makes them an effective way for your prospects to hear and see your message conveyed.

Our experienced team can help you with your video creation needs.

And if you need script writing for your videos, we can also do it for you!

We can for sure help you get videos done for your business, without you even lifting a finger.



Hi i'm Gary, a U.S.A. Video Spokesperson, Presenter and Voice Over Artist. I have been delivering video and audio for over 3 years now. Let me bring my 20+ years of presenting and performing experience to your audio or video project. Book your free consultation and let's get to work!

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Hi i'm Kini, a U.S.A. Video Spokesperson, Presenter and Voice Over Artist. I go above my clients expectations. Also, I offer the most variety of video formats, from a standard spokesperson promo, a puppet and a girl, I interview you, breaking news, and subtitles/captions. Please send us a message. Let's get your order booked today!

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Hi i'm Sam, a British Video Spokesperson, Presenter and Voice Over Artist. You may have seen me from my YouTube channel (All5!) that has over 160,000 subscribers & over 50 million views. I'm a professional presenter & voice over artist, here to make a little extra income by offering my services.

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Hi i'm Steph, a British Video Spokesperson, Presenter and Voice Over Artist. As a Top rated seller I have thousands of 5 Star Reviews. I have worked as a professional Television Presenter for Sky News, the BBC and ITV for many years. I use top of the range broadcast quality professional video and voice over equipment. Please get in touch, i'm super professional and friendly and i'd love to work with you :0)

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Hi i'm Andy, an Australian Video Spokesperson, Presenter and Voice Over Artist. I produce professional voice overs that will engage your customers. My specialties are explainer videos, promotional audios and phone messages. Contact me now, I look forward to voicing your project.

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Hi i'm Laura, an Australian Video Spokesperson, Presenter and Voice Over Artist, 10 years + experience, Live / pre-recorded TV, Stage, Film. I have a clear, confident, polished voice and can speak a range of tones/styles. Extremely fast turnaround usually, high quality, adaptable, cost effective, communicative.

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You need a professional video spokesperson to represent your brand, we have the best in the industry, in any English accent you need!

For more information on how to get videos made by us for your business, simply request your free consultation right away.


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