So what makes our services different from other web – product development,  training and marketing  businesses?

Well, we are active marketers with many years of experience,  so we have seen a lot. We have all been through training and products and services that have fallen short or not delivered as described. So we decided to assemble a  team with their own individual strengths who collectively collaborate to bring you the best results possible.

We are totally aware that your prospects needs change regularly because our team has their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace on a daily bases.  We also understand that there are a lot of moving parts to building a successful online business, miss just one step and you are probably missing out!

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    I had the pleasure of taking Michel's coaching & "Done For You" Service... and I have to say that this is the best decision I've made in a long time!

    This is not the typical stuff we read in e-books or video trainings. Michel's strategy is truly is effective and easy to implement.

    Michel created the web pages, he made and placed my ROTATORS in strategical areas of my funnel, he even (created, linked and loaded) my e-mail swipes in my auto-responder...

    Michel took care of everything! All I needed to do from there was to replicate what he taught me during the 1 On 1 Coaching on Skype to keep growing my list.

    I started driving traffic through my funnel and it's now expoding! His technique on generating traffic is out of this world!

    Anyone who wants to make money online should take Michel's offer to start your business for you!

    Thanks for everything.

    Vali Subramanian
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    What can I Say about Michel and his services? Well, first, “Done for you” is really an understatement.

    Whenever you deal with Michel, you can rest assured that you will not only receive an exceptional product but also access to all his support and expertise.

    Michel is not just here to make a quick buck, he is very passionate about what he does and it clearly shows through his work and commitment.

    I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Michel and am so glad I found him and decided to take him up on his offer.

    I have seen people charging the same or even more to simply build a lame product with a couple of banners and a sales page. What a ripoff when you get the whole enchilada with Michel!

    So 2 thumbs up for Michel and his services, I should probably keep my mouth shut and keep this secret to myself but this feedback is hard earned and well deserved!

    J.P. Provencher
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    Struggling to make money online for quite sometime and joined a Biz Ops spend lots of money and can't really see where I am going, until I met Michel.

    I bought his "Done for you" service and what I can say is, it is really more than worth it!

    Michel is a genuine and candid person that teaches you with all his experience and proven methods to make money online and make sure you understand one thing before proceeding to the next, unlike other "coaches" that rushes though the trainings just to get things done.

    He is Always there to answer my questions and pointing me to the right direction.

    If you are looking for coaching or want to make money online, Michel is the person you should go to and most importantly I believe if you are new to the Internet Marketing World, you need a someone you can TRUST,and show you the ropes. Cheers Michel!!

    Samuel Cheong
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    Really where do I start... 6 years of wasting money, ranking websites and all the other crap the GURU's wanted you to know from info products, I was about to give up on making money online...

    Until I came across Michel Sirois, Done-For-You Service, this is the absolute Best Biz in a box I ever purchased...

    I mean every detail from building a list and how to profit from that list and most importantly social branding! I always wondered how people made money with Click Bank, ClickSure etc... IT"S ALL IN THIS DONE-FOR-YOU Service.

    This product is your new full time NEWBIE FRIENDLY income solution! Michel Sirois, thank you for being here every step of the way! Your customer service is 110%.

    Most importantly, you'll get a kick out of this... My Original Capture Page that was created for my business without any modifying, it is converting at a rate of OVER 40% & I've seen days it's converting at 47%...

    Stop wasting years to start earning money, Our phrase here at the office is Take Action!

    Mike Petrea

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See Even More Happy Customers Taking Their Business To The Next Level By Using Our Services

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    I have been trying to make money on the internet since the start of 2014 with no luck at all. I even tried to find coaches but all they did was take my money and not provide me with any real value and there response rate was ridiculously slow. But the truth is they wanted to hide the REAL way of how to be successful online.

    I wasn't getting anywhere until I met Michel Sirois and purchased his coaching + "Done For You Service". Well what can I say, this has been the best thing I have done ever!! Michel is such a nice guy and he is always willing to help. Trust me I have had other coaches in the past and just having someone there when you need them can make a huge difference in how your progress.

    I have been able to progress at a fast rate and it is an amazing feeling! I can't thank Michel enough for his hard work and support he's given me. It's really hard to find genuine people out there but Michel is truly one of them. Thanks again Michel you rock buddy!

    Tony Sharma
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    Here's a shout-out to I.M. Training Consultants about their "Done for you" leads service.

    For a long time, I've been trying free and paid traffic methods. And sadly never was able to cover my ROI.

    But since I've been getting my leads from I.M. Training Consultants, I am building my email list, making money and loving it!

    As a mom-preneur, it can be challenging sometimes struggling between work and the kids, but I.M. Training Consultants take care of driving leads for me. It's totally hands-free.

    If you are looking for high quality leads, the look no more, this is it! Just sit back, relax and see results!

    Judith Manchester
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    I have spent hours and wasted so much money trying to learn the secret to making money online… only to learn that the secret is to get online and purchase the "Done-For-You & Coaching service" from Michel.

    From the moment I made the decision to buy this training, Michel held my hand and walked me through the process with ease.  Not only did he build my website, but he made it exactly how I wanted it without me even knowing it, every detail was immaculate and tasteful.

    Michel is only ever a click away for any questions or support I may require and the after service is unbelievable.  This guy has without a doubt gone above and beyond any of my expectations.

    Im so glad I took a leap of faith and found Michel, he is an outstanding gentleman who knows his job and has over delivered in every step of the process.

    As a man at the top of his game who genuinely wants to pay it forward and help other people to make money online he has managed to strip the content down to the fundamentals that even a NEWBIE like me can comprehend.

    This is a top notch service and I thank you for restoring my faith in the online world.

    Emma Scott
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    My wife and I had our retired-preneur website created by I.M. Training Consultants. It was done in a reasonable timeframe, but most importantly, their sales copy converts to sales, their videos are high quality and they even setup our email list for us. We've been successful ever since we hired Michel and his team. We totally recommend!

    Jim Martins

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